Nourrisseur en bois style ''Miller''

Les abeilles accèdent au sirop par la cheminée, qui est couverte par un chapeau en aluminium. Empêche les abeilles de se noyer. Notre modèle le plus simple. On verse le sirop et le tour est joué. Offre une capacité de 14 litres.
On l'intègre à la ruche, généralement sous l'entre-toit.

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The bottom is pressed against-glued and screwed and aluminum cap. Large storage capacity syrup (14 liters). Available in 3 models: - pine FE-1100 - Painted FE-1101 - Waxed FE-1102 Why food? The bees are confined in the hive during the winter. They produce less effort than during the rest of the year so they spend less energy. Bees need food to last the winter. So they store beforehand food reserves, honey, the beekeeper takes away the harvest time. This same beekeeper must monitor his bees and give them the necessary input to take the winter. There the liquid nourishment in syrup or solid candy.